About US

We Don't Manifest What We Want, We Manifest Who We Are.
JoytauFashion's were created to keep you laser-focused on who you want to be, reminding you every day to think, feel, speak, believe, and know that what you want is already yours because it’s who you are at an identity level.

Big Dreams. Bigger Impact.
For every order placed, JoytauFashion donates one Shoes (a symbol of unconditional love) to a charity that supports woman in need of empowerment. 

We want you to be a part of the ripple of positive change and know that your investment and dedication to yourself is not just impacting you but the women around you too. There are so many women struggling with a traumatic past. We want to remind each and every one of them that all can be healed through love. We feel strongly about gifting these physical reminders as a tool to guide their thoughts towards love and healing. 

As the customer, you get to leave an empowering personal note at checkout that will be handwritten by one of our team members and accompany each Shoes。